8 Ways to Increase Your TikTok Followers without Spending any Money

There are over 800 million active TikTok users per month recorded in July 2020. This platform has become the most rapidly-growing social media app. TikTok has become an awesome space to show-off your talent and create an audience of fans that are interested in your brand.

There are numerous ways to increase your audience and fans on TikTok. You can develop your account through unpaid traffic and engagement which brings on a devoted audience and is a more affordable technique than paid advertisements.

Listed below are 8 ways to increase your followers on TikTok without spending any money.

1. Get to Know Your Target Audience

As with any other social media platform, defining your audience lies among the initial steps to developing a prosperous channel on TikTok.

Neglecting to focus on a distinct audience is a well-known TikTok marketing error. By finding an undeserved crowd to target your creations you will confront less rivalry as you construct a devoted fan base.

Considering and appreciating your audience is essential. Getting feedback from your earliest followers about what they want to see on your page and what they would like your content to be about is crucial. These things will guide you and help keep your page evolving in the right direction, especially one that your audience will find enticing and interesting.

2. Boost Your Schedule

An organized schedule for posting content will perk up your TikTok channel in diverse ways. When your audience knows when to anticipate your new content every week, it helps create a real regular following of loyal viewers that will come back for more.

This also will guarantee to return viewers that they will discover new videos from you every time they visit your page. It would be a pity for them to come back and automatically presume that your timetable is unsteady and slow.

A normal content plan also allows you to examine and enhance your channel’s efficiency by making it simple to track and weigh out different posting times. This is very important as there are no evident rules for the best time to post videos on TikTok. The perfect posting time fluctuates a lot and depends on the type of audience. It is recommended to post at least once every day.

3. User-Generated Content

The capacity to communicate directly with fans through user-generated content (UGC) is probably the biggest charm of the TikTok stage. The majority b of its users upload their own recordings. UGC keeps your current followers engaged and allows them to partake in your campaigns, it is also a powerful method to draw in new clients.

UGC events and contests urge your fan base to share their recordings with their own followers and friends, expanding attention to your channel and acquainting it with new users.

It can also be an incredible method to socially prove about your business by requesting that clients submit video tributes or showcases of how they utilize your products. This kind of content will inspire your current clients and draw in new ones.

4. Engaging with Other TikTokers

Engaging with users is a very important part of your channel’s accomplishment on TikTok. It is crucial to keep in contact and interact with your fans and other related brands. By responding to posts or in the comments section and engaging with other enterprises, celebrities, and influencers, your audience and other channels will get to know you better and even form a connection.

An appreciable response or comment will attract other accounts. This will greatly help you get your audience more involved and might even give you the opportunity to get a collaboration! TikTok really encourages this type of interaction with the help of its Duet video feature. This tool lets you respond while including the original video. Check that this feature is turned on your account so that people can reply!

5. Challenges and Trends

Make sure to monitor viral TikTok challenges and trends that are currently circulating on the platform. These are an extremely well-known type of User-Generated Content. Contests can lure in immense crowds. Did you know that 35% of the users on TikTok have already participated in one of these trendy challenges? Sixteen percent of all the videos on the platform are associated with challenges.

Fundamentally, challenges, contests, and trends contribute with a simple way for your TikTok page to become a “hot topic” and become more popular. Nevertheless, you still have to be innovative and put in effort into the challenges that will help you gain more new fans! The majority of challenges are intended to motivate the user to get creative and make it into something original, which gives you the chance to demonstrate your brand’s nature.

6. Learn More About Hashtags

It is crucial to investigate the hashtags your audience uses and follows to guarantee that future fans will naturally locate your content in their feeds. Popular hashtags can change significantly after some time because new hashtags become more prominent or discussions move onto other points. Moreover, utilizing similar or identical tags on each post can be viewed as spam.

Thus, research should be done consistently to be kept updated on hashtag patterns and new trends. It is generally a lot simpler to get popularity by utilizing less well-known terms that are still commonly used, for example, hashtags for local businesses or activities. These frequently also have the advantage of being more explicit to your intended interest group.

7. Sharing TikToks on Other Platforms

A great deal of content presented on TikTok can be adjusted for other online media stages, turned into longer recordings for YouTube, or even inserted in your website or blog. Sharing recordings while telling your audience they can get a greater amount of your content much earlier on TikTok draws attention to your channel and brings in your current followers from other social platforms.

8. Send Texts To Your Fans

SMS promo can help bring your crowd from other channels over to TikTok by sharing your most recent or best videos with your text supporters. Your text subscribers from other online media channels may not know about the videos you post on TikTok except if you let them know.

Moreover, advancing your SMS number on TikTok lets your followers explore your image without your page transforming into a business channel. This technique can help improve your account and text subscribers by sharing selective text codes with your crowd, giving users another motivation to follow you for early admittance to these codes.

In A Nutshell

Interacting with your crowd and other significant channels is critical to progress and success on TikTok. Use TikTok’s features, communicate with different people, and monitor the most recent trends to guarantee your content remains new, significant, and relevant. Break down how your crowd reacts to your content and construct your video design and schedule to their liking.

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